The Beginning


I didn’t just wake up one day & decide to become a florist. DC Blooms was not a dream I had as a kid. I have always loved flowers but never knew how much they would change my life.

I started working at MacKenzie’s Floral in Bowling Green Kentucky at the age of 20. I absolutely fell in love, even though I was washing buckets & cleaning the floors. The smell of fresh flowers everyday was way better than my dorm room. I started arranging when we became busy & found it very therapeutic.

Most of all, I love delivering the flowers. The joy & happiness that it brought to each person kept me wanting more. Years later, here I am in Lexington Kentucky starting my own floral journey.

It’s only just begun…


One Comment Add yours

  1. Angie says:

    I have seen many of your creative arrangements from delicate to dazzling. You have a vision for design. Enjoy and keep making others happy! Love you Deanna


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